Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Nerds TV rundown..the good, the bad and the stupid

Ok, so I probably watch more tv than I should, but I am generally multi-tasking when I do so frankly who cares?  But I have found some shows that I think are simply awsome while I have seen some that should just give it up and go off the air and spare everyone the time of having to switch channels.

The bachelor/ette-simply put who doesn't love a good train wreck?
Castle-Nathan Fillion is a street savy writer working with the local police dept, great show!
Hawaii Five-0- this updated version stars alex oloughlin as steve mcgarret, makes a hot cop
Dancing with the stars-they are announcing the new cast on tuesday cant' wait
Face off-syfy reality show where you get to see stage makeup come to life.
Dance moms-these girls are wonderful little dancers and abbys the woman you love to hate
Big Bang Theory-to true nerds the name says it all, greatest show ever
Perception-interesting plot
Elementary-who doesn't love sherlock holmes
Once Upon A Time-interesting take on the world of fairy tales
Shark Tank
Malibou Country
Last man Standing
Rizoli and Isles
Criminal Minds

16 and pregnant-really we need more shows about knocked up teens, aren't we glorifying it a bit?  I'm not condeming the teens for their predicament, but why give the a show?  What are we teaching?

teen moms-teaches girls that acting irresponsibly will get the fame and medicaid, I'm tired of working my butt off going to a job every day just to have girl popping out babies like they're pop in fresh and sitting on their butts with better insurance than i can afford for myself because I'm too busy paying for medicaid out of my checks.

honey boo boo-sweet kid, horrible idea for a show

toddlers and tiaras- did we learn nothing from jean benet?

black out-proves stupid people will do stupid things for 15 minutes of fame.

All the Why people kill shows-Why don't we just write a how to manual and hand it out to anyone who has a problem with anyone?

Ok that's my two cents I'm sure some will agree and some won't.  If you have a problem with anything I've said, let me tell you how to fix it.  Go to the very top of this sceen, there are two options.  The red X or the blue arrow, don't let the space time continum hit you in the glutious maximus on the way out:)

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