Thursday, February 28, 2013 a nerds best friend is a hot new site for bloggers, businesses and just anyone who likes sharing what they think or what they do with the world.  By sharing you can become a new industry expert that people will check out when they need help with topics you are knowledgeable about.  This site also offers up chances to earn money for what you already do online! Even getting others do join can earn you money.  You also connect the social profiles you have already established, which is different at least from the sites I’ve used before.  Another great thing is all the promotional opportunities that the site provides it’s a great source for businesses looking to expand in the social networking market.  Publishers and businesses for instance can really get the information out there and they can connect with bloggers who already write in the same industry to reach even more people.  I believe this website has the potential to be invaluable to just about any business in any market, I know I’m glad I signed up and I’m looking forward to seeing what all I can do.

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