Thursday, February 28, 2013 a nerds best friend is a hot new site for bloggers, businesses and just anyone who likes sharing what they think or what they do with the world.  By sharing you can become a new industry expert that people will check out when they need help with topics you are knowledgeable about.  This site also offers up chances to earn money for what you already do online! Even getting others do join can earn you money.  You also connect the social profiles you have already established, which is different at least from the sites I’ve used before.  Another great thing is all the promotional opportunities that the site provides it’s a great source for businesses looking to expand in the social networking market.  Publishers and businesses for instance can really get the information out there and they can connect with bloggers who already write in the same industry to reach even more people.  I believe this website has the potential to be invaluable to just about any business in any market, I know I’m glad I signed up and I’m looking forward to seeing what all I can do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Nerds TV rundown..the good, the bad and the stupid

Ok, so I probably watch more tv than I should, but I am generally multi-tasking when I do so frankly who cares?  But I have found some shows that I think are simply awsome while I have seen some that should just give it up and go off the air and spare everyone the time of having to switch channels.

The bachelor/ette-simply put who doesn't love a good train wreck?
Castle-Nathan Fillion is a street savy writer working with the local police dept, great show!
Hawaii Five-0- this updated version stars alex oloughlin as steve mcgarret, makes a hot cop
Dancing with the stars-they are announcing the new cast on tuesday cant' wait
Face off-syfy reality show where you get to see stage makeup come to life.
Dance moms-these girls are wonderful little dancers and abbys the woman you love to hate
Big Bang Theory-to true nerds the name says it all, greatest show ever
Perception-interesting plot
Elementary-who doesn't love sherlock holmes
Once Upon A Time-interesting take on the world of fairy tales
Shark Tank
Malibou Country
Last man Standing
Rizoli and Isles
Criminal Minds

16 and pregnant-really we need more shows about knocked up teens, aren't we glorifying it a bit?  I'm not condeming the teens for their predicament, but why give the a show?  What are we teaching?

teen moms-teaches girls that acting irresponsibly will get the fame and medicaid, I'm tired of working my butt off going to a job every day just to have girl popping out babies like they're pop in fresh and sitting on their butts with better insurance than i can afford for myself because I'm too busy paying for medicaid out of my checks.

honey boo boo-sweet kid, horrible idea for a show

toddlers and tiaras- did we learn nothing from jean benet?

black out-proves stupid people will do stupid things for 15 minutes of fame.

All the Why people kill shows-Why don't we just write a how to manual and hand it out to anyone who has a problem with anyone?

Ok that's my two cents I'm sure some will agree and some won't.  If you have a problem with anything I've said, let me tell you how to fix it.  Go to the very top of this sceen, there are two options.  The red X or the blue arrow, don't let the space time continum hit you in the glutious maximus on the way out:)

Wine and Canvas IN Bloomington Indiana

Yesterday for my aunts birthday we went to our very first wine and canvas event in Bloomington.  For 35.00 they supply you with everything you need to do a specific painting and they have an artist walk you through it step by step.  Let me tell you it was a blast!  I definately think we will be painting the town again in the near future.  If you enjoy getting out and trying new things you will LOVE this place!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bzzagent and mypoints

You may have heard about the online sites and  I personally use and love them!  bzzagent allows me to try new products free of charge, right now I am in 4 different campaigns and all I have to do it tell people about the products and besides the free products and coupons, you earn points for mypoints.  With you can earn points while shopping or buying gift cards, or they have plenty of free things you can do that will award you plenty of points.  If you are patient and don't mind a little work, you can realy earn some cool gift cards to various places.  I would highly reccommend both of these sites.  Another one you might check out it which offers up different house party opportunities and if you are chosen, they send you some promotional items for your guests.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello and welcome!

I'm glad you found your way to my new home on the web!  I am a very opinionated redhead who loves all things nerd, geek etc.  So I want to share my reviews of websites, books ,movies, games, events ,locations maybe even stores.  Just whatever seems pertinent at the moment in hopes that I can get the word out about great things while warning fellow nerds about ones that aren't so great.

I am currently working on a site called Fivver, I have ordered service on the site and am waiting to see how it goes then I will share it right here.  Also coming soon are my own reviews of bzzagent and mypoints.  If you've heard of these sites and wondered what the process or legitimacy of them are, I promise to tell it to you straight, check back soon.